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In Lima, on the Malecon, a wall of fog came from the sea towards the coast. It was so thick that at first I thought of a tsunami. But since the people around me didn't panic, I stayed calm.

When this smoke screen came closer, I took pictures for as long as possible. At last, the coast was gone and nothing was to be seen.

So I had a number of negatives on which the same coast disappeared more and more. In the last pictures no more colours were visible due to the fog.

That's the story.

If the story is good, do I have to work it out artistically? Is that good then, too? Or is that the illustration of nature?

So I started with what I had: a number of negatives. At the beginning you see a lot, later less, and finally nothing.

I chose a negative, one I took shortly before becoming immersed in the fog, one that was therefore hardly able to reproduce colours.

In the laboratory I noticed that I can give it any colour, and so the pictures got - in the analogue process! - different colours. So far, colours 1 to 9.

I vary the same topic (the negative) and so always arrive where I started. It is a principle borrowed from music.

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